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Feb 28, 2013 7:00am PST
tristemente parcial lo que desde cardenal joseph ratzinger hasta benedicto xvi hizo. iniciÓ la investigacion, pero como bien sabes le dio una palmadita en la mano, lo mandÓ a que se retirara a una vida de oraciÓn, cosa que maciel no hizo, porque siguiÓ viviendo su vida de maraja, yendo a toda clase de lugares de distracciÓn, y como sabes, Él tenÍa en aquel entonces, en el aÑo 2005 dos mujeres con 4 hijos, y efectivamente benedicto xvi no hizo todo lo que debiÓ hacer, ni impuso las penas canonicas a este tipo de criminales, no lo presento a ningÚn juicio civil, entonces quedo mucho por hacer por parte de Él. y cuando vino benedicto xvi a mÉxico yo personal mande una carta al nuncio de mÉxico para que pudiera aceptar una pequeÑa entrevista, dado que estaba en leÓn, mÉxico, a pocas millas, no recibÍ ninguna contestaciÓn a mi peticiÓn, e ignoro benedicto xvi, lo que siempre hizo, entrevistar a vÍctimas, lo dejÓ de hacer en mÉxico, el dejo mucho por hacer en este sentido, contesto brevemente a su pregunta asÍ. tu dime. >>> juan josÉ vaca, directamente desde nueva york, es d
Feb 28, 2013 6:00am PST
papacy and so the logic was simple, they wanted continuity. so cardinal joseph ratzinger seemed an obvious choice. this time there is no such obvious front runner and no simple, single, overriding issue that's driving the reflection, which is why a lot of us believe this conclave may be a little bit more complex and it may take a little bit longer for the cardinals to reach consensus. >> all right. all right, john, let's come back here to new york for a second. melinda, let me ask you, when you're looking at this from the outside, other than the timing which you know i'm completely obsessed with, that's mainly because i have to figure out when i have to get to rome, but when we're looking at what might be different this time, that's the excitement, right? what are you looking at from the outside? what do you think the possibilities here are? and are we being too excited? >> in terms of the candidates or in terms of what we're going to see going forward? >> because pope benedict has created precedent here by saying i'm resigning, this is the best thing for the church, will that i
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Feb 28, 2013 8:00am PST
've understood that pope benedict the xvi, joseph ratzinger, soon to be pope emeritus is incredibly sensitive and kurt tee just an courteous. people have come to appreciate and feel for him maybe more than they had during the years of his pontificate, jon. jon: as the helicopter prepares to liftoff let's listen to the peeling of the church bells as this pope prepares to say goodbye. [bells ringing ] jon: what a view, when the last pope resigned 600 years ago he didn't depart by helicopter as bill herm pointed out. we have air to air shots covering every move of the current pope east spends his last couple of hours in office heading to a temporary retirement in castle gandolfo a few miles from rome and eventually back to the vatican at well a convent apartment that is being renovated for him now. jenna: the ride itself, the helicopter trip between the vatican and castle gandolfo is supposed to take 15 minutes or so. what a trip it is, by the images we have of the land of rome, quite moving images whether you're watching it from this point of view or in side the helicopter as well. we have a se
Feb 28, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> joseph ratzinger, matt, in 2005, was one of only two cardinals who had participated in the papal elections. the two elections of 1978. he knows exactly what the purchas burden of responsibility is that these men are taking on themselves. he knows the conflicting emotions that many of them have. some of which greg and father baron have just described. i think he was saying to them, look, i know how you feel. and i am going to be with you in solidarity and in prayer over the next several weeks. of what is going to be a difficult test. >> at the same time, he has made clear, he does not want to exert undue influence on the process. this is not somebody who's behind the scenes twisting arms saying this should be the next pope? absolutely not, savannah. he is going to disappear. we're not going to see this man for months. he's too much a respecter of the process. he's too much of a respecter of his brother cardinals. and he's too, frankly, humble a human being to try to monkey in any way whatsoever with the selection of his successor. >> matt? >> yeah, i was curious, though, and fathe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4